2023 International Piano Festival - In Chopin's HomeLand

por Antonella Franco

Naleczow - Polônia - 19:00 h

Step into an extraordinary journey through Brazilian classical music!
We present 'In Brazilian Lands', a captivating experience overflowing with rhythm, energy, and imbued with melodic beauty. This project, envisioned and brought to life by the gifted pianist Antonella Franco, seeks to celebrate the majesty of Brazilian classical music through captivanting recitals and interactive workshops.

In this exciting recital, Antonella will navigate you through the rich mosaic of Brazilian composers, whose influential works have significantly sculpted Brazil's musical identity over the last 210 years, ever since the piano's debut in the country in 1810.

Delving deep into a broad repertoire that spans 150 years of music, Antonella Franco salute masters of Brazilian piano such as Chiquinha Gonzaga, Ernesto Nazareth, Villa Lobos, Alberto Nepomuceno, Francisco Mignone, Fructuoso Vianna, Brasilio Itiberê da Cunha, and Marlos Nobre. She goes beyond, resurrecting forgotten figures from Brazil's musical annals, like Lindalva Cruz, whose phenomenal compositions remain underappreciated, even a century after her birth.

We invite you to uncover the hidden jewels of Brazilian music history with us!